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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1.    When is registration payment due? Registration money is due at time of registration. IF class/camp is being run out of a school that is taking payment, then their rules apply.


2. Where do I go to pick up and/or drop off my child? An email communication will be shared after payment is made (typically once at sign-up, and then again 1-2 days before the event), letting parents know drop-off and pick-up details.


3.    Can parents stay to watch? Parents are more than welcome to come in, in advance to check out the room. However, we find it's easier for your child to concentrate and focus after you leave


4.    Can we know the menu ahead of time? Rata2ee will do its best to let you know the theme in advance, however, we do not give out the menu in advance. The reason for this? Kids are excited and sometimes decide to cook the recipes before camp starts, which makes it challenging for us on "game day." Also, some kids can be picky. It gives kids a reason to not attend, if it’s a new food they’re not familiar with. We find that children are more apt to try new foods if they made it. Healthy food is only healthy if children eat it! So we do our best to make sure the menu is a kid-friendly one (including things like burgers, pasta, and pizza). Please trust us on this one. 


5.    What if my child has an allergy? Please make sure you completely fill out the registration form, identifying any/all allergies your child has. We ask that you contact us before registering, to discuss the severity of the allergy: 248.219.5752.


6.    What should my child wear? Each Ranger will have an apron and a chef’s hat to wear for the day. If your child is signed up for more than one day camp or is signed up for a full week's summer camp, then they will use the same one for class (to be kept by Rata2ee - not to be taken home). Close-toed shoes are required, as well as long pants. For Summer Camps, we understand it gets hot, but it’s required (they can wear light material, and kids have the opportunity to change into shorts and sandals at lunch time). For kids who do bring clothes to change into, they should be prepared for their shoes and hair to get wet (we do "water play" on hot days. Please DO NOT bring swimsuits - we do not allow kids to take ALL clothes off while changing. Shirts can be long OR short-sleeved, but please refrain from loose-flowing sleeves. Long hair must be tied back. No dangling jewelry (like long earrings, long necklaces, or bracelets). 


7.   Should I bring any food from home? There are strict school rules regarding foods brought from outside. This is a nut-free facility. Please do NOT bring any outside food. Your child will have plenty of food to eat throughout the day.


8.   What if my child is a picky eater? Rata2ee does its best to encourage your child to take a "No Thank You" bite. Also, kids tend to eat the foods that they are proud that they made. Lastly, if your child has not eaten anything, then we will pull them to the side and provide another snack (as a last resort). If you know your child is a very picky eater and will absolutely not eat anything all day long, please contact us before registering. This is a cooking camp, where kids will be expected to try the food they're making. Parents, please do not sign your kid up to make them try to eat healthy and leave all the dirty work to us. We want kids to love camp!


9.    What if my child is sick? Any child with a communicable ailment (fever, diarrhea, flu) should stay home. A child with normal cough/cold can attend, but may be asked to wear a mask (the kind doctors wear over their mouth and nose), while cooking food. If it is brought to our attention a child has been exposed to a communicable disease, we will send a message out to parents.


10.  Can my child bring their favorite toys with them? Please leave ALL items of value (ipods, phones, jewelry, game systems, etc.) at home.  We will do our best to keep kids engaged, so no need to bring items from home. We will also have a photographer, so no need to take photos. If a child does bring something from home, Rata2ee, Inc. is not responsible for lost items, dropped or "cooked" phones or any electronics that get wet. All lost and found will be kept one week after each session concludes.  All items will then be donated to the local Goodwill, or given to the school where the camp was held.

11.  What if I'm late picking my child up (after 3:30 pm M-Th or after 3:00 pm on Friday)? We understand things happen, but we also hope you understand your registration tuition does not include paying our employees or the room rental after class/camp. There is a late pick-up fee of $25 up to 15 minutes after class/camp ends; and an additional charge of $2 per minute for every minute per child after 15 minutes late. Repeated late pick-ups will be asked to discontinue camp.


12. Do we get the recipes and pictures from class? Yes! All recipes and pictures are posted on a website page dedicated solely to your child's week of camp. It will be labeled with the location and week, so you know which is yours (i.e. RochesterWk1). It can be found under Student Log-In, and you will be given a passcode in your information email that you get a few days before camp starts, to enter that page. Your page should be ready by the following week (we have to have time to download all the pictures from Friday's class). You will have 1 month to download recipes from that page, before it is gone from the site.

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