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Rata2ee MLK Day Camps

Day Camps are sometimes offered on days when school is not in session. It's a great way for kids to get hands-on instruction in cooking techniques, including: Knife Basics; Cooking Fundamentals, Food Science & Nutrition, Kitchen Safety, Proper Food Handling, Gardening 101 (very basics of gardening), and kids' yoga.


This MLK day camp is being held on Monday, 1/15 from 8:45 to 3 pm. It teaches a very holistic approach to healthy living. Children will eat 3 meals (making their own breakfast, a 3-course lunch, and dessert), so no packing snacks or lunches for parents! We also teach strong character-building skills. Day camp is meant for kids 1st through 5th grades. Kids should be able to stand for 90 minutes at a time (with 2 sit-down breaks), and depending on the weather, should be ok with playing outside during non-cooking times of the day.. Items each child needs to bring to day camp: a filled (non-glass) 64-oz water bottle labeled with first & last name, 2 8-oz Ziploc to-go containers labeled with first & last name; and a full size beach towel. Contact us at: 248-219-5752 to find out where and when we are holding Day Camps!

Day Camps run from 8:45 am until 3:00 pm; Cost: $110 per child, includes food materials.


1. Enroll at:

2. You will receive an email a few days before your day camp, with important information

A Typical Day Camp Full Day


Parents will drop off Rata2ee Rangers at 8:45 am. Kids will be divided into groups according to age, skill, and who they signed up with, and then will go to their stations. Please note, these are approximate timings and may vary per location:


8:45:  Parents drop off kids

9-10:  Make a healthy morning snack (kids should have breakfast before coming, as this is a snack, not a meal)

10-10:45: Nature walk

11-12:30: 90-minute Cooking Lesson; kids make a main dish, side dish and fruit salad


12:30–1:00:  Lunch; kids eat the lunch they just made and learn food nutrition of what they're eating

1:00-1:45: Make dessert


1:45-2:00: Learn Beginner's Gardening; Kids learn how plants grow 


2:15–2:45:  Yoga; Kids learn yoga poses, stretches, breathing, and discuss very important life lessons


3:00:  Parents pick up kids

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