Rata2ee offers classes that focus on hands-on instruction on cooking techniques, including where food comes from, how it's grown, and how to create a balanced meal using MyPlate. (www.choosemyplate.gov)

  • Knife Basics (cutting skills)

  • Cooking Fundamentals

  • Nutrition (reading labels)

  • Food Science

  • Kitchen Safety/Proper Food Handling

  • Menu Planning/Food Presentation

Rata2ee Rangers: 



One-week summer sessions offered from the months of June through August, which include cooking and nutrition lessons, A hip hop lesson, gardening instruction, and yoga. 

Are you and your family food junkies?


Do your kids longingly watch all the cooking competition shows, from the couch?

Now they can participate in after-school cooking courses!

Adult Classes/Private Events  

Drop-in courses for instruction &  entertainment meant for ages 21 and up. A mix of cooking or baking fun and entertainment which offer lessons, cookie decorating, specialty lessons (pastries, pastas), & competition readiness classes.





& Entertainment





Rata2ee Rangers

One-week summer sessions offered from the months of June through August, which will include cooking and nutrition lessons, a Hip-hop lesson, gardening instruction, and yoga.

Rata2ee Rascals

An after school program that offers lessons for grades 1 through 6; this service offers basic instruction on how to cook simple meals and learn basic cooking techniques.

Our Classes

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