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Rata2ee Tater Tots


One-week summer sessions offered from the months of June through August, which include cooking, exercise, nutrition and yoga. A well-balanced introduction for young kids interested in cooking! Rata2ee has partnered with KinderDance of MI to provide a fun ½ day program for kids 4-6 years old! Children will learn where food comes from and what makes a healthy plate, through play and fun. They will also get dance exercise and help cook their lunch. Because of the age and maturity of the children, the cooking techniques being learned will be done according to the age-group's maturity. Children MUST BE fully potty trained to enroll in this program (no pull-ups). The rate for this class is $209 and runs in 1-week sessions, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 1:15 pm. Please call for availability, as this is a specialty week.


8:45:             Parent Drop-Off & Bathrooms

9-10:            Make a healthy morning snack

10-11:          Dancing Games & Tumbling (KinderDance)

11-11:45:    Cooking: age-related tasks include learning

                     about kitchen safety, cutting techniques,

                     cleanliness in the kitchen and hand-washing

11:45:          Bathroom Break

12-12:30:     Kids' Yoga (KinderDance)

12:45-1:15:  Picnic-style Lunch (eat food made that day)

1:30:             Parent Pick-Up

* Please note, a full-day charge ($254) will be applied for kids picked up after 1:30 pm.

Discipline Code of Conduct: We want all kids to have fun, but this is a specialty camp (not daycare). As such, there are rules to be followed in the kitchen. Our chefs and other staff do a great job of teaching the kids patiently, but children must be mature enough to handle being given directions and deadlines (such as paying attention and completing tasks on time). Outside of the kitchen, kids are expected to stay with the group and participate in all non-cooking events. Please make sure your child is mature enough for this camp, as it is a safety issue for all involved, if they cannot listen.


Discipline Steps: For those who do not listen, discipline will be done progressively, in the following steps:


1 -   Verbal warning

2 -   Child will be asked to sit aside and parents will be

        asked to reinforce good behavior

3 -   Child will be disinvited from the program

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