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A Typical Summer Session Day for Full-Day


Parents will drop off Rata2ee Rangers at 8:45 am. Kids will be divided into groups according to age, skill, and who they signed up with, and then will go to their stations. Please note, these are approximate timings and may vary per location:


8:45:  Parents drop off kids

9-10:  Make a healthy morning snack (kids should have breakfast before coming, as this is a snack, not a meal)

10-11: Nature walk

11-12:30: 90-minute Cooking Lesson; kids make a main  dish, side dish and fruit salad


12:30–1:15:  Lunch; kids take the lunch they just made outside for a picnic lunch and learn food nutrition

1:15-2: Make dessert


2–2:30: Learn Beginner's Gardening; Kids learn how plants grow 


2:30–3:15:  Yoga; Kids learn yoga poses, stretches, breathing, and discuss very important life lessons


3:15–3:30*:  EOD Gathering; Kids gather their things and are brought to the parent pick-up area.

*Parents come at 3 pm on Friday to pick kids up!

Rata2ee Summer Cooking Camp Registration is NOW OPEN for the Rochester location, being held at The Rochester Community House! Registration at other locations will be opening soon (next week). We are happy to announce we will be holding 1-week Full-Day Camps for 2nd-5th graders and 1-Week 1/2 Day Camps for Advanced Students 6th-9th grades at the following locations and dates this year:


Birmingham (call: 248-203-3800):




7/18-7/22 regular and advanced

7/25-7/29  regular and advanced



Rochester (call: 248-651-0622): 

6/27-7/1  regular and advanced






Lake Orion (call 248-693-5436):



The all-day cooking camp is a well-rounded approach to healthy living and focuses on cooking, eating, nutrition, gardening 101 and yoga. The 1/2 day camp is for older kids interested in making food from scratch.


Rata2ee follows all covid safety procedures recommended by the local authorities. Call 248-219-5752 for inquiries.



Rata2ee Rangers is available in multiple locations. Please call each location to enroll.

Rata2ee Summer Camps

One-week summer sessions offered from the months of June through August, for kids going into 2nd grade (must have completed 1st grade) through 5th grade. Contact us if your child is older than 5th grade and wants to help for service points OR if they're interested in 1/2 day Advanced Camps! Camps include cooking and nutrition lessons, exercise games, beginner gardening lessons, and yoga. 

Pricing: Please contact each location directly to get pricing (please note, some locations may have different pricing based on their school enrichment rates)

* Late pick-up fees: We understand things happen, but we also hope you understand your registration tuition does not include paying our employees to stay late. There is a late pick-up fee of $25 the first 15 minutes late; and an additional charge of $2 per minute after the first 15 minutes, per child. Repeated late pick-ups will be asked to discontinue camp.

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